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Teotihuacán, underworld magic of Mexico


Well so we are starting our next country, Mexico in the very first episode we are picking one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of Mexico. Teotihuacán and its Underworld. So let's start.


Found By:

'The Aztecs' 1400


Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city located 30 miles (50 km) northeast of modern-day Mexico City.


The first human establishment in the area dates back to 600 BCE, and until 200 BCE there were scattered small villages on the site of the future city of Teotihuacan. It is estimated that the total population of the Teotihuacan Valley during this time was approximately 6,000 inhabitants. During the period from 100 BC to 750 AD, Teotihuacan had evolved into a huge urban and administrative center with cultural influences throughout the broader Mesoamerica region. The history of the city of Teotihuacan is distinguished by four consecutive periods, known as Teotihuacan I, II, III, and IV. It was built between the first and seventh centuries.