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Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by a cosmic airburst

Updated: Oct 21


Researchers have introduced proof that a Middle Bronze Age city called Tall el-Hammam, situated in the Jordan Valley upper east of the Dead Sea, was obliterated by a vast airburst.

Let's Deep Dive:

Who Studied:

East Carolina University's Dr. Sid Mitra and a research team.

History and fact of this study:

The archeological unearthing of the site started in 2005, and specialists have been especially intrigued by a citywide 1.5-meter-thick annihilation layer of carbon and debris. The layer, which dates to around 1650 B.C.E. (around 3,600 years prior), contains stunning quartz, liquefied stoneware, and mudbricks, jewel-like carbon, sediment, remainders of softened mortar, and dissolved minerals including platinum, iridium, nickel, gold, silver, zircon, chromite, and quartz.