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Sonar Quila Jaisalmer on Trikuta Hill


Okay, it is great to inform you that we are at the end it is our fifth and final archaeology episode of 'archaeological discoveries of India' so today we will discuss about Jaisalmer Fort, the fort was built in the 12th century AD by a Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal, who named the fort after himself. well so let's jump into the main portion.

Source: Pixabay

Found By:

Maharawal Jaisal, 1156AD


Jaisalmer is situated in the western Rajasthan region amid the Thar Desert,


It was claimed that Jaisalmer Rajputs were decedents of Yaduvanshi, who ruled Rajasthan. In the 12th century, Rawal Jaisal was crowned the prince of Lodurva. Even though he seized power in his own rights, he feared the conflicts that would arise from his half-brother who had an equal right to the throne. To secure the kingdom, Jaisal sought to move his capital to a much-secluded place away from his enemy's sight. In the due course, the prince met hermit sage Eesul who informed Jaisal regarding the prophecy of Lord Krishna. And that only a descendant of the lunar clan will rule the kingdom. This boosted the co