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Oldest human traces from the southern Tibet

Updated: Jun 12


Humans and their ancestors have been making stone tools for millions of years. Sites composed of the by-products of tool production and use are among the most commonly encountered sites in the archaeological record around the world. so this is the Blog about the human traces found from southern Tibet, now we will discuss the technology, why they used this technology, and some facts.

Let's dive deep:

what is the main thing?

New technology has been taken into use, enabling researchers to date stone artifacts to a level of precision that could not be possible previously.

why this technology-

Archeologists have been using radiocarbon dating techniques to precisely date organic materials. As per as lithic or inorganic materials are concerned, it has been a very difficult job to date them preciously. As radiocarbon technique needs organic material to date, only those artifacts, surrounded by an organic layer, could be dated. Even some artifacts have remained without dating as they had no organic matter around them.

Source: Pixabay

Recent usage:

A team of researchers from the University of Innsbruck successfully dated several stone tools, discovered in Su-re hill, located in south-central Tibet. They used the 'rock surface burial dating technique' in analyzing the objects. The objects were found to be more than five thousand years old, these were used by ancient people for works like excavation.