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Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus


As we know it, the credit of the discovery of the existence of American continents goes largely to Christopher Columbus. According to records, that was when the Europeans first came to know of a land beyond the Atlantic Ocean. A recent study published in the journal, 'Terrae Incognitae'(The Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries) says otherwise.

Let's Deep Dive:

What has been found:

Cronica Universalis is a book that was written by a Dominican friar named Galvaneus Flamma(1283-1345). Despite being a Dominican, he resided in the city of Milan in Italy.

In times more than one, the writer has mentioned the 'Markalada'(Markland) referring to the American land in his book. The book, written in Latin, remains unpublished, although there is a plan to publish an edition. Sante Ambrogio Cengerle Parisi drew the book into light in 2013. Currently, the book is in a single manuscript. This manuscript was prepared by Pietro Ghiodi who was a copyist and also transcribed other historical works of Galvaneus.

The study:

From the University of Milan, Prof. Paolo Chiesa has conducted the study.