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Noceto Vasca Votiva a carrier of History


The Noceto ‘Vasca Votiva’ (votive tank) which was discovered during the excavations, on a terrace on the southern edge of the Po plain in the north of Italy, is a unique, well-preserved wood (mainly oak) complex, dating from the end of the Middle bronze age (~1600-1300 F.£.). This is a complex of monuments, which consists of two overlapping reservoirs, usually in the context of a concern, but unsure of the ritual, the role of water. The framework provides an extra level of protection, both in wood and other organic and cultural discoveries. The main issue so far, which makes it difficult for users to comment on the units was beautiful, and accurate, the story of the creation of the mind. The initial experiences showed us the two tanks for almost a century. With the help of dendrochronology and radiocarbon-compare:" we want to express, we can say that this is a history of the design as well as storage.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Dive deep:

what is found-

A unique wooden structure known as The Noceto Vasca Votiva was unearthed in 2005, but its age was unknown for more than a decade. Recent reasearch has enabled us to have an idea of its whereabouts.

who did the study-

A team from Cornell Tree Ring Labory, including Sturt W. Manning, Andrea Zerboni, Angela Mutti, Cynthia Kocik, Carol Griggs, and Mauro Cremaschi did the study.