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Native American origins debunked by genetics and skeletal biology

Updated: Oct 21


A widely accepted theory is the origin of Native Americans is from Japan. But according to a recent study published by PaleoAmerica, we came to know that the story is different.

Let's Deep Dive:

Previous Theories:

  • Based on the similarities in stone Artifacts many archaeologists believe that the 'First Peoples' migrated from Japan to America 15000 years ago.

  • It is thought they moved along the northern rim of the Pacific Ocean, which included the Bering Land Bridge until they reached the northwest coast of North America.

  • They reach America within less than two thousand years.

The theory is mainly based on similarities in stone tools made by the 'Jomon' people (an early inhabitant of Japan, 15,000 years ago), and those found in some of the earliest known archaeological sites inhabited by ancient First Peoples.