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Massive Archaic Human Cranium Represents Homo longi

Updated: Jul 3


Neanderthals have been believed to be the closest relative of Homo sapiens; these new findings prove wrong. The cranial fossil found in China is far greater than all other known hominin species in its size and shape.

Source: Newscientist.com

Let's Deep Dive:

The study:

A team of researchers consisting of Prof. Qiang Ji(paleontologist) from Hebei GEO University, Prof. Chris Stringer(paleoanthropologist) from the Natural History Museum in London, Prof. Xijun Ni(paleoanthropologist) from Hebei GEO University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Junyi Ge(geochemist) from the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a study on a human cranial fossil, unearthed recently in China.