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Last meal of Tollund Man


It is amazing to witness the advancement of science which has tremendously empowered archeological studies. The advancements enable us to extract so much information that we couldn't even think of a decade ago. We are here talking about such an advanced study that has been able to figure out from the remains of more than a thousand years old dead body, detailed knowledge of that person's last supper.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Deep dive:

What is found:

In 1950, a bogged dead body was found accidentally while an excavation of Peat was going on at Bjældskovdal in Denmark. The site is 10 kilometres west of Silkeborg. After being reported, the body remains went through an archeological study with the limitations of contemporary technologies.

A recent study on the same body has induced a bunch of revelations that were certainly not considered to be possible to find.

The study:

The recent study was conducted by Nina H. Nielsen from Museum Silkeborg, Peter Steen Henriksen, Morten Fischer Mortensen and Martin N. Mortensen from National Museum of Denmark, Carsten Scavenius and Jan J. Enghild from Aarhus University in Denmark and Renée Enevold from Moesgaard Museum.