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Is there an 'underworld' beneath the earth?


Did you ever watch a film like 'The City of Ember,' which shows an underground world where some living creatures live like humans? If your answer is yes, then this Blog is absolutely for you. Archaeological excavations at the Yazılıkaya Rock Temple in Turkey, which began almost 200 years ago, revealed an ancient calendar and a cosmos map that present compelling evidence.

Let's Deep Dive:


Yazılıkaya Rock Temple in Turkey.

What was Found:

An ancient calendar and a map.

Interesting Points:

The paintings in the strange stone carvings. Limestone carvings were depicting more than 90 different figures, including animals, monsters, and gods. On one wall, there are drawings of the goddess of the sun and the goddess of the storm, where one can see that gods were placed in the painting higher than the other figures.

Date of this paintings: