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Human First Set Foot On American Continent Well Before Ice Age


As far as the prehistory of the American continents is considered, it was previously said that human populations first set foot in the continents well after the Last Glacial Maximum (the last time when the ice age was at its peak). A recent study discovers that human populations have roamed in the region of Mexico where the White Sands National Park stands today. We'll discuss the study.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Deep Dive:

What Has Been Found:

Human footprints were found in the White Sands National Park by David Bustos. Bustos, the resource program manager of the national park, discovered the footprints back in 2009. After the discovery, he along with an international multidisciplinary team of researchers started a study upon the findings. Thousands of human footprints along with the footprints of other animals have been found out since the discovery. And day by day, the footprints are disappearing with the natural erosion of the top layer of soil.

The Study:

The team which conducted the study includes MATTHEW R. BENNETT, MARCIN BUDKA and SALLY C. REYNOLDS from Bournemouth University, DAVID BUSTOS, CLARE CONNELLY and PATRICK J. MARTINEZ from White Sands National Park, JEFFREY S. PIGATI, JEFFREY S. HONKE, ADAM M. HUDSON and KATHLEEN B. SPRINGER from U.S. Geological Survey, THOMAS M. URBAN from Cornell University, VANCE T. HOLLIDAY and BRENDAN FINNERTY University of Arizona, VINCENT L. SANTUCCI and DANIEL ODESS from U.S. National Park Service.

Several bodies backed the study financially, they were Denver Federal Center, University of Arizona, Natural Environmental Research Council and the Western Natural Parks Association

What The Study Finds: