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Graves Display evidence for post-burial disturbance of skeletons

Updated: Jul 16


The post-mortal burials in history have always been advantageous to archaeological studies as the body remains and associated metal or stone objects reveal a lot of information. Thus, the tomb of bodies is much more helpful in uncovering the history than other burial methods. But archaeologists have seen, throughout centuries, a phenomenon of reopening the cemeteries to dig out valuable objects. For an extended period, all these cases have been considered in archaeology as 'grave robbery .' There has never been any study over these phenomena of reopening of graves. We shall discuss the recent research which points these phenomena out and emphasizes their importance in knowing the contemporary social scenario.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Deep dive:

The study:

Although this phenomenon of digging out the graves(to fetch valuable objects buried with the dead) in the medieval period is widely seen in different parts of the world, five regions in Europe were chosen to study upon individually and independently to each other. Although the five studies were funded and conducted separately, the results were quite alike.

Five archeologists conducted the study, they are Alison Klevnäs from Stockholm University, Edeltraud Aspöck from Austrian Academy of Sciences, Astrid A. Noterman from Centre d