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coins dating to famous Jewish revolt found


Religious wars have many shades of truth. Historians along with archeology, we get to know them. This time we're going to discuss a recent study on some ancient relics in this context.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Deep Dive:

What was found:

Two metal coins along with remains of ceramics, glass items and iron artifacts, including two Roman knives were discovered in the area of West Bank, currently in Israel. An archeological survey team unearthed these objects.

One of the coins, which was found in at a location about thirty kilometres northeast from Jerusalem, had on one side, an inscription of a vine leaf along with the text 'חופש ציון' inscribed, which means "freedom of Zion".(Zion is another name of the city Jerusalem. This name is used in one of the Hebrew Bibles. At times, it can also refer to the whole Land of Israel). The other side had a vase with two handles on each side(also known as amphora) inscribed and also a text, showing 'ב שנה' which means "year 2".

The other coin, uncovered one kilometre away from the first location, in a small cave at Wadi er-Rashash, north of Jerusalem, had the Hebrew text 'למען חופש ירושלים' inscribed on it which means, "for the freedom of Jerusalem". This side had the inscription of a palm branch(a popular sign of victory in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean region)surrounded by a wreath. On the other side, there was an inscription of a lyre(a harp-like instrument popular in Greek Classical Antiquity) along with a text '