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Chile's ancient mummies are now on the UN heritage list


When we hear the word 'Mummy', the picture of pyramids, pharaohs, sphinx and some samples of hieroglyphics pop up in our mind. It is natural as these Egyptian mummies were discovered as early as the nineteenth century and came to fame along with all the other components of Egyptian civilization. But when we dive into chronologies, these mummies don't go farther from 3000 B.C.(the oldest known Egyptian mummy dates back to around 1550 B.C.)

The oldest known mummies don't come from Egypt but thousands of miles away overseas, from the Pacific coast of the South American Continent. They came to the news headings as they received UNESCO's recognition recently. We're going to talk about them.

Let's Deep Dive:

What has been found:

In the year 1914, German archeologist Friedrich Max Ulhe started his research in the Arica region of Chile, he discovered many of the mummies at the Camarones River region of Arica in Chile. Since then, around 280 mummies have been recovered from the site. Some of the mummies were coloured in red and black.

Source: Pexels

What studies tell about them:

Studies have revealed that the mummies belonged to a community called 'Chinchorro' who have lived in that region in the period between 8000 B.C. and 500 B.C. The oldest one of the mummies dates back to 5050 B.C. The oldest of the mummies are major of children which implies that there might have been some diseases such