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Bronze Age stone carving is the oldest map in Europe

Updated: Jul 11


Ancient cartography(the art of making maps) has always been an exciting subject in archeology. The history of cartography dates back to around 2300BC, when Babylonians carved maps in clay slabs. There have not been many findings relating to cartography in Europe apart from finding a model of the whole cosmos. We are now going to discuss the recently discovered cartographic piece found in Europe.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Deep Dive:

What has been found:

A flat stone piece was excavated with carvings on its surface in the year 1900 in France. It was named 'The Saint-Bélec slab'. It has since been handed over several times. In 2014, it was found in a cellar of a local castle, and only then was it subjected to a study. Recent studies on it have shown us the importance of it in the history of cartography. It measures 2.2 meters in length, 1.53 meters in width, and has a thickness of 16 centimeters.

The Study:

This historical carved stone piece is conducted by a team compr