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Bronze Age Populations Started Dairying Domestic Horses


As far as the initial stages of clothing in human populations is concerned, we see the usage of tree bark, leaves, animal skin etc. Although neither of these materials has lasted these thousands of centuries to be archeologically proven, we prove the existence of these instances by correlating the other archeological discoveries. A recent study applies this method in the context. Let's discuss it.

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Let's Deep Dive:

What has been found:

Archeological excavations at the Contrebandiers Cave in Moroccan Atlantic coast was conducted by Abbé Roche in the 1950s and 1970s which removed almost all the younger Iberomaurusian Later Stone Age and Neolithic Age deposits.

Another excavation by Moroccan-American joint drive began in 2007 which was led by Harold Dibble and Mohamed Abdelijalil El Hajraoui. Advanced methods were used in this excavation to achieve greater contextual control. Numerous bone-made hand tools were uncovered in the excavations. A recent study analysed all the yielded.

Source: Pixabay

The study:

A team of researchers conducted the study. The team includes Emily Y. Hallett from Arizona State University, Curtis W. Marean from Nelson Mandela University, Teresa E. Steele from University of California, Esteban A´ Alvarez-Fernandez from the University of Salamanca in Spain, Zenobia J