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Bowfin are guarding genetic secrets that can help

Updated: Sep 5


Understanding the process of evolution is one of the key purposes of archeology. We have been uncovering many of the unknown facts that let us better understand evolution, all with the help of advancements in modern science.

There are many ancient species that have evolved so little in thousands of years that we can almost go back hundreds of thousands of years as we examine the right parts of their gene. A fish named bowfin has such characteristics in it. It has a unique suite of ancestral and derived phenotypes which lead us to a better perception of the evolution of the vertebrates. We will discuss a recent study on this ancient fish.

Source: Pixabay

Let's Deep Dive:

The Study:

This complex study was conducted by a team of 27 researchers which includes Prof. Andrew W. Thompson, Prof. Ingo Braasch, Prof. Kevin L. Childs, Prof. Olivia E. Fitch and Prof. Mauricio Losilla from Michigan State University, Prof. M. Brent Hawkins from Harvard University, Prof. Elise Parey, Prof. Hugues Roest Crollius, Prof. Camille Berthelot and Prof. Alexandra Louis from Université PSL, Prof. Dustin J. Wcisel and Prof. Jeffrey A. Yoder from NC State University, Prof. Tatsuya Ota from SOKENDAI in Japan, Prof. Kazuhiko Kawasaki from Pennsylvania State University, Prof. Emily Funk and Prof. Amy R. McCune from Cornell University in New York, Prof. Qiaowei Pan and Prof. Romain Feron from University of Lausanne, Prof. Jérôme Montfort, Prof. Yann Guiguen and