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Ancient monument linked to King Arthur is older than Stonehenge

Updated: Sep 3


As we ascend the steps of knowledge in archeology, historical mysteries unfold in fornt of us. A 1998 archeological finding in Britain, known as 'The Artognou stone', also called 'The Arthur's Stone' has been a subject of interest for decades. Archeologists had previously found that the stone was originally used as a practice dedication stone in a building, after the destruction of the building, the stone was broken into two pieces which later served as part of a drainage structure.

Here we're going to discuss about a recent study that has revealed a large part of the unknown story to us.

Source: Pexels

Let's deep dive:

The Study:

The study was conducted by a team of archeologists, led by Professor Julian Thomas from the University of Manchester.

The team has conducted excavations at rural Herefordshire in the east of Wye river, in the middle of England and Wales.