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6th-century coin hoard in ancient Phanagoria


As the currency is a vital component of a society's civil development, throughout history, coins have enabled us to access civilizations making history clearer to us in every attempt. Here we talk about a hoard of coins discovered in Russia.

Let's Deep Dive:

What has been found:

A pot, containing numerous ancient coins, was discovered during an excavation in an archeological site. The site was under research which had been studying a soil layer that is perceived to hold a history of fire outburst, destroying the civilisation of the region in sixth century A.D. It was the 3rd session of excavation for the study, during which the hoard of coins was discovered.

The site is situated in the Krasnodar Krai district of present-day Russia. The region had been named Phanagoria in ancient times. Teen colonists had established Phanagoria around 2500 years ago. The region gradually became a centre for trade between countries located on the southern side of the Caucasus and the coastal regions of Maeotia. There were 80 coins made of forged copper. All the coins were stored in an earthen pot known as Amphora in the region.

The Study: