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Archeologists found a 3000-year-old drill bit Workshop.

Updated: Jul 2


Recently, archeological survey team of Vietnam found a 3000 year old drill bit Workshop.

Source: Pexels

Main Part:

What else they found:

They found some tombs also, one of them is of a craftsman, inside of this they got ceramic vases, pestles and drill bits, axes. These were arranged in an exemplary manner under the tomb. Overall they found more than 1000 items.

Historical Significance:

It is the biggest drill bit workshop found in Vietnam till now.


Ea Súp district, Central Highland province, of Đắk Lắk, Vietnam. (B.C 1000)

Who mined:

National Museum Of History and a team of scientists of Đắk Lắk Museum which is situated in Thak Hai Archeological Site.

Mining time:

28th Mar- 29th April


It is clear that the people of Thac Hai were expert craftsmen. And after thorough examination scientists are assuming that those brill bits were in use of making Gold ornament.